Blind Scream Haunted House has been part of the North Bay for over 13 years. It is important for us to support the community we live and work in. On our opening night we have a VIP Reception with a lights on preview and use this opportunity to collect gifts for the Santa Rosa Firefighters Local 1401 annual holiday Toy Drive. During the year the Santa Rosa Police Department uses the haunted house as a training opportunity for the K-9 units. As you can imagine, with all of the monsters in the house, it is a perfect spot to train police dogs! And every year we invite local community groups and nonprofits to be part of our Scare Team for a night. It is good for building camaraderie and helps them to raises a little bit of money while having some fun. Here are the groups that will be helping to scare on each of our open nights.

October 2022 Calendar

Upcoming Dates

  • Friday, October 7 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Equestrian Club
  • Saturday, October 8 (7pm – 11pm)
    Windsor High School Leadership
  • Friday, October 14 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Undergrad Biology Club
  • Saturday, October 15 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Anime Club
  • Sunday, October 16 (7pm – 10pm)
    Windsor High School ASB Officers
  • Friday, October 21 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Sociology Club
  • Saturday, October 22 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Sports Business Club
  • Sunday, October 23 (7pm – 10pm)
    Sonoma State University Alpha XI Delta
  • Thursday, October 27 (7pm – 10pm)
    Sonoma State University Geography, Environment & Planning Club
  • Friday, October 28 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Anthropology Club
  • Saturday, October 29 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Equestrian Club
  • Sunday, October 30 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Sigma Pi Alpha Sorority
  • Monday, October 31 (7pm – 11pm)
    Sonoma State University Tabletop Role Playing Game Club

Terms and Conditions: The attraction features strobe lights, fog, moving floors, pitch darkness, strong smells, intense audio, lighting, and other special effects. You should not enter if you are pregnant or suffer from heart conditions, asthma, or respiratory problems. This attraction not recommended for children 7 years of age and under. Blind Scream is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged tickets.