Blind Scream Haunted House offers scary good fun spanning 20,000 square feet

Blind Scream Haunted House offers scary good fun spanning 20,000 square feet

During the Halloween season, most people are looking for a little scare and Blind Scream haunted house can deliver. “Haunted Houses are a great way for people to laugh and cry and scream all at once,” Blind Scream Co-owner Judy Walker shares. Blind Scream is a haunted attraction that spans…

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Antique bottles and photos are part of the decor on display at Blind Scream Haunted House in Santa Rosa, Calif. on Sunday, September 11, 2022. (Beth Schlanker/The Press Democrat)

La casa embrujada de Santa Rosa

Los visitantes que se dejen seducir por una casa embrujada en Santa Rosa pueden toparse con la llorona, brujas malvadas y gatos negros, 13 gatos negros, para ser precisos. Aunque el número 13 se considera de mala suerte para algunos, los propietarios de Blind Scream (Grito Ciego) tienen el propósito…

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Blind Scream returns as a haunted House of Superstitions to Santa Rosa

Blind Scream returns as a haunted House of Superstitions to Santa Rosa

Visitors who allow themselves to be lured into a haunted house in Santa Rosa may be met by La Llorona, evil witches and black cats— 13 black cats, to be exact. Though the number 13 is considered an unlucky number to some, the owners of Blind Scream intend to celebrate…

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Blind Scream Haunted House a real nightmare in Santa Rosa

It was all in good fun. Scary — but not too scary — fun. The Blind Scream Haunted House is back through Oct. 31 in Santa Rosa after a two-year hiatus because of the pandemic, as well as a previous season cut short by wildfires. It was worth the wait….

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Santa Rosa car wash hosts drive-thru haunted house

Santa Rosa car wash hosts drive-thru haunted house

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KRON) — The horror continues in one Bay Area city who’s getting creative with the Halloween festivities amid a pandemic. In an effort to keep Halloween fun and safe, Santa Rosa’s Blind Scream Haunted House is doing things a bit differently this year. Blind Scream is working…

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Kevin Fisher proposed to Catherine Mote Oct. 27 at the Blind Scream haunted house setup in Rohnert Park. The Santa Rosa couple had one of their first dates there. (Rachel Anderson)

Santa Rosa man pops the question inside Rohnert Park haunted house

Picture a stereotypical wedding proposal: Maybe you see a beach, or a sunset? Perhaps a ring in a glass of champagne? What about surrounded by ghouls and ghosts in a haunted house? The sights and sounds of Doc’s Horrortorium, a haunted house in Rohnert Park, might not seem like the…

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Michael Conrad plays: 'Goat Boy' at the Blind Scream Haunted House

Blind Scream Haunted House In Santa Rosa

Michael Conrad plays: ‘Goat Boy’ at the Blind Scream Haunted House Friday October 28th at SOMO Village in Rohnert Park was actually two haunted houses; Carnevil, crawling with clowns and carnies and Slaughter Shack, home to the tortuous Hunter family. (Photos by Will Bucquoy for the Press Democrat).

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Judy Groverman Walker, center left, Drew Dominguez, center, right, owners of Blind Scream haunted house in Sonoma mountain Village in Rohnert Park

No cheap tricks in diabolical couple’s Blind Scream haunted houses

There is nothing that gives Drew Dominguez more pleasure than to make people scream. He and his partner, Judy Groverman Walker, spend the better part of a year dreaming up new ways to bring nightmares to life, whether it’s a zombie, a mad doctor with a scalpel and an appetite…

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